From My Clients

“Acacia is the best damn thing that ever happened to us! She is 100% unlike any web designer/developer we have EVER worked with. Her business model is stellar. Attributes include: immediate correspondence, brilliant creativity, punctuality (on time to the minute), professionalism, educated, and technically up to date. It would be a wild mistake to build a website without her. A wilder mistake not to utilize her web mastering services. She has built several sites for us to the satisfaction of all parties. As well, she manages all of our websites. In addition, we have recommended Acacia Carr on multiple occasions, resulting in thrilled feedback. Acacia Carr is a much appreciated anomaly in the world of web design!”

Samantha Paige Furgason, President / ARTWORKinternational INC.

“I can’t say enough how I appreciate all the work and care that has gone into this very complex project. Certainly it is a thing of beauty…”

Dick Evans,

“Hiring Acacia Carr to design a brand identity experience and website for me was better than I could have imagined. Acacia created a logo, a business card design, a website, and my artist packet for an upcoming art reception. The entire process has gone smoothly, and everything looks super sharp. Acacia worked with me to determine my target audience. We also made informed decisions for my brand based on color psychology. The logo turned out awesome! It’s clean and simple, just what I wanted. Communicating my vision of a logo was easy with Acacia. I feel my brand identity package and responsive website gives me a huge competitive advantage as an artist. The experience was more like a collaboration. After talking about my ideas and needs with Acacia, we worked together to turn my vision into a reality.”

Troy Barry,

“…a colleague recommended Acacia to me. She was thorough, expedient and most of all was able to understand my needs and put together a website that not only conveyed what I needed to my target audience but did so with a sense for my own aesthetics. She was responsive to changes and updates that needed to be made and she kept me on task so the project moved forward in a timely manner. I have since recommended Acacia to other colleagues and they have all shared my sentiments regarding her work. Acacia is a standout in a sea of web designers.”

Stephen E. Frances, Ph.D., Q.M.E.,

“As a professional photographer I wanted a website I could update myself, easily. One that would give my viewers and clients a sense of my business and my aesthetic. I feel like I won the lottery with Acacia. Not only did Acacia create a beautiful, clean website for me that represented my style perfectly, but she was such a pleasure to work with! She made creative suggestions, communicated well, was considerate of my needs and was professional and timely. Things that are most important to me as a business owner and a consumer. She empowered me by patiently training me to how to make future updates myself, something I never thought I could learn how to do. I am really impressed with Acacia’s professionalism, her design talents and her knowledge of WordPress. I highly recommend her and hope I can work with her again!”

Amanda McCarthy, The Visual Anthropologist,

“I hired Acacia to redesign my website, she’s the winner after I interviewed nearly ten designers. She stands out because of her responsiveness, professionalism, and sense of aesthetic. Acacia knows many best practices in designing a user friendly, clean and aesthetically pleasing site. She’ll not hesitate to offer her expert opinions, but she’ll always respect your choice. I’ll not hesitate to recommend Acacia to anyone who needs a web design or rebranding.”

Pi Wen Looi, Ph.D., Novacrea Research Consulting,